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The Opening - Embracing Your Spiritual Destiny

The Opening - Embracing Your Spiritual Destiny

Would you like to deepen your spiritual connection?


Here is Randy Ferguson's Profoundly powerful book.

'The Opening...Embracing Your Spiritual Destiny' is for those who desire an authentic connection with that "something wonderful" out there that goes by many names. Rather than being preached to and told what to believe, this book honors the reader's yearning for personal discovery. We embark together on an intimate journey through insights and possibilities that tend to resonate deeply. New foundations of understanding are the product of addressing those difficult "God questions" head on. While the tone is lighthearted, be prepared for profound, heart-opening exercises that reveal breathtaking spiritual vistas.


If you treasure growing in pragmatic wisdom, you will not be disappointed. However, the greatest gift in this reading does not occur in the realm of the intellect. The breakthrough that invites you forward is from the heart. It is on the love side of the gate that you will find what truly fulfills. In this domain of loving, we will explore 6 invitations that guide us to a quality of life most people can't even imagine. Which brings up a highly relevant question: "Just how good are you willing to have it?


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