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The Love, Courage &
Achievement Project

About the LCA
Seminars and Webinars


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Vital Ingredients of the Love, Courage & Achievement Project

1) The LCA Weekend Retreat — A Transformational Experience.

In a phenomenally supportive and effective learning environment, we walk you step-by-step, through an experience that releases what has been holding you back. Fear, anxiety, guilt, resentment, hurt from the past, limiting beliefs and the shame of self judgment — fall away.


This work clears the way to see yourself, others and life from a whole new perspective.  You’ll share remarkable healing with others, that opens the door to a far more effective, more evolved way of living. An organic sense of joy is restored as you confidently launch into what may be the finest chapter of your life.

2) The LCA 5-Week Follow Up Course — Our Commitment to Sustainability.

The Weekend is indeed transformational, but it is in the 5 follow-up Wednesday evenings that you develop sustainable habits of excellence.  

Mastery doesn’t happen in an instant, does it?  Doesn’t successful living demand practice over time?  That’s why we ask people not to do the Weekend, without participating in the 8-Week Course.

Topics in the 5 Week Course include:  

  • Getting your power back

  • Moving through upsets — fast

  • Building a resourceful relationship with yourself

  • Creating awesome relationships with others

  • Discovering your unique life mission

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3) Proven Experiential Tools You Can Use for a Lifetime.

In your LCA Workbook, you will discover an arsenal of breakthrough tools that have been developed and proven for over 30 years.  


One of our fundamental breakthrough tools is something we call ‘Healing Core Issues.’  Core issues are those sore spots that are at the heart of most upsets.  They are what keeps us stuck in negative repeating patterns.  When you discover and heal your own core issues — you launch into an all new, higher, more effective chapter of your life. 

4) Lasered Results.

We treat everyone with great respect and caring — and at the same time, the work is straightforward and highly practical.


Participants often share their appreciation for the way we get right to heart of major issues — often creating breakthroughs in minutes instead of years.

5) Champion Teams and Champion Team Leaders.

In each evening of the 5-Week Follow Up Course, we have our large group presentation followed by our Champion Team time.  Your Champion Team consists of 5 participants, at least one of whom is a certified LCA Champion Team Leader.


The primary purpose of these smaller teams is to provide an environment of ongoing support over time.   As you master the LCA Tools, creating one meaningful success after another — these teams often become like family.

Friends in Nature

6) Each week, everyone on your Champion Team makes specific promises.

You begin begin clearing away the (internal and external) challenges that have persisted for years. With all the energy released in removing these 'unworkabilities' — you are empowered to advance toward the dreams of your heart.


Over these 5 weeks, LCA’ers build a momentum of productivity that just plain feels good!  For real life examples, just click the Success Stories button below. 

7) Randy Ferguson has the honor of being the primary facilitator through the program.

For information on his qualifications, experience and educational background, please click below.

8) The LCA is committed to a bigger vision.

Participants discover that quality of life doesn’t originate so much from a higher standard of living, as it comes from something called the experience of loving.  When you are in this experience — be it with a special person, doing a project you love or maybe just walking in nature — something very deep inside gets filled.

Participants say it feels like coming home.  


As LCA’ers claim this beautiful sense of inner freedom, they naturally want to share it with the people they care about.  In this way, the LCA continues to expand in its contribution to others.  Our mission is to share this higher possibility with as many people as we can — to elevate  humanity’s awareness so we might step into our higher potential as a species. 

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

9) Guaranteed Breakthroughs.

If you attend the entire program and give it your all — and for any reason feel that you did not get the value, we’ll promptly refund your tuition.

Are you ready to prepare for

the finest chapter of your life?


“There is no paycheck that can equal the feeling of contentment

that comes from being the person

you are meant to be.”

— Oprah Winfrey

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Meet our LCA Graduates

  • Who should attend the LCA program?
    Anyone who has a sincere desire and commitment to better their lives.
  • Why is the tuition so inexpensive compared to other programs?
    In-the-room LCA seminars used to command tuition between $900 and $1,400 per person. We see such a need for this in the world right now, tuition has been dramatically lowered. Now anyone who wants to change their life for the better can participate. For those in financial need, we have a scholarship program. Please call 303-947-9948 to learn more.
  • Is the LCA Weekend Retreat and 5 Week Course offered online as well as in person?
    Yes. We always prefer that you attend in person, however, you can experience the LCA Weekend and 5 Week Course in the comfort of your own home. Just let us know which you prefer on your registration form.
  • Why is there a limit to the number of participants in each Weekend and 5 Week Course?
    The number of participants is determined by the number of Champion Team Leaders who volunteer. We must have at least one Champion Team Leader for every 4 participants. If the sessions you want are full, you may request to be placed on a waiting list.
  • Will I be forced to participate?
    Everything we do is with your permission and always with great respect. To maximize value, we will ask you to align on certain guidelines. You will also be invited to participate in our exercises but you can always decline the invitation. Of course, you are in the LCA for a reason. As in most worthy pursuits, the more you are willing to give it everything you’ve got, the more value you will create.
  • What if I have to miss part of the Weekend or the 5 Week Course?
    To participate in the LCA Weekend Retreat, it is vital that you attend the entire time whether in person or on-line. This is a requirement because each segment builds upon what we’ve previously covered. Also, your presence matters. If you miss a portion of the Weekend, you would be missed! You can miss up to two of the 5 Week sessions, however it is essential that you attend session one of the 5 Week sessions. We ask this so you will not miss the orientation. We will have a recording of any missed sessions for up to one week. If you have to miss any portion of the Weekend, Session #1 of the 5 Week Course, or more than two of the 5 Week sessions, it is better to schedule for a later time.
  • May I attend an LCA Weekend and a later 5 Week Course?
    We ask that you attend the 5 Week Course immediately following your Weekend. The primary reason is that a real sense of team/family is created in those first three days of the Weekend — a key ingredient for ongoing, effective support.
  • Is the LCA for couples or singles?
    Both singles and couples are welcome. Couples who attend usually experience an enhanced ability to create love in the relationship.
  • Are the presentations going to be solid lecture?
    No. We will have a combination of presentation, experiential exercises, one-on-one work with the facilitator, physical movement, small group question/answer time and a few surprises! It’s important for everyone to feel included and to have frequent variety of activities.
  • Is the LCA professional counseling?
    No. If you are working with a licensed therapist, we suggest that you inform and work with them, through your LCA experience.
  • How can I become a certified LCA Champion Team Leader?
    We have an extraordinary leadership program for LCA graduates who want to return and be of service. After a leadership training program, you will apprentice in a Weekend and 5 Week Course with a certified Champion Team Leader mentor. Once certified, you will return again and lead your own small team. There is no additional cost for this training. If you have an interest in being a certified LCA Champion Team Leader, please inform your facilitator or call 303-947-9948.

"I am hopeful and more confident that I can create the life I want.  I now moving forward to earn my MA degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling — the fulfillment of a lifelong dream!"

– Cybele A.

"My intention was to lead a spirit-led life.  Over the last 9 weeks I have let go and trusted God to manage my life. My life has never worked more effortlessly and beautifully."


– Dave A.

"People I've known for 30 years now say they are proud of me. What I have shared with others spreads to coworkers, friends and family."


– Sebastian H.

"I released the pain and resentment I had for my former spouse. We completed an amicable divorce, paving a path of cooperation and communication as friends.  We have committed to raise our children in a loving and supportive way.  Thank you, Randy, for the tools that will allow me to live the life I've always wanted."


– Kevin K.

"When I release fear, I have a greater appreciation of life and can achieve more.  I have learned to love myself in a more authentic way."


– Savanah L.

"Oh the wonder of the LCA…I FOUND ME!"

– Cheryl J.

"I quit smoking after 45 years.  People came in grayscale and left in technicolor!"


– Ed P.

"I can now work through any obstacles or challenges."


– Anaya B.

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