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Successes, Breakthroughs

& Miracles from our

LCA Graduates

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"After a lifetime of neglect and abuse I can honestly say that I forgive my parents.  I now know that I was letting my core issues control every aspect of my life.  Since the LCA I have discovered that I can break this horrible parenting cycle with my son. Thank you Randy for teaching me something that cannot be taught in schools or books.  A way of being free."


– Allie P.

"Realizing one of my core issues (that I don't measure up) and comparing myself to others is something I've struggled with.  Still have some work to do, but I've made huge strides with this!"


— Kaeli L.

"Being perfectly human is easier than trying to be perfect.  To surrender to 'what is' for me now, is my greatest breakthrough."


— Lawrence K.

"I released a very painful relationship and started school."


— Brigitte A.

"I realize how much differently I am responding (not reacting) to life.  Things don't bother me like they used to because I have significantly upped my self respect game.  It sort of snuck up on me but whammo!  There it is!"


— Sahari M.

"During this LCA I had the realization that I held an attachment and fear about being a good mom.  The overwhelming stress I have put myself through has held me hostage my whole life.  Being able to acknowledge and release the underlying core issues has freed me of so much stress and worry."

– Abby W.

"I'm grateful to access healing tears to embrace and move past my frustration.  I was able to show compassion and see a fellow LCA Champion Team Leader through eyes of grace and connect over a similar background.  I set boundaries with my parents while appreciating them."

— Naomi A.

"I can snap out of a funk or a negative situation much more quickly now that I have the tools from the LCA. I can also bring others out of negativity too!  Co-workers and friends have noticed a marked difference in my approach and reaction to challenges that come up.  I am a better friend, co-worker, and partner because I know how to listen better and ask forward focused questions!"

— Tara G.

"I realized that my core issues have directed my life and perception.  I had many realizations during the LCA, one being that I am a strong, courageous, independent woman — and I don't have to prove that to anyone.  Also, I have created positive daily habits which have made my life much more enjoyable." 

— Janet H.

"After months of feeling afraid to be vulnerable, to open my heart and let it be drop kicked through the goal posts of life, I was able to be willing to experience that.  And after many tearless months over these seven weeks, I let the tears come and go many times.  My soul feels cleansed.  My heart is open.  I feel strength in my vulnerability."

— Dave A.

"I have struggled for years to overcome my challenges with completing paperwork.  The panic caused me to be ineffective with my clients.  The LCA helped me to relax my panic and move towards my strengths.  This led to increased joy that allowed my clients to respond positively, which in turn helped me get better at it."

— Jim R.

"Time and energy spent in the LCA is truly transformational.  Life-long challenges and struggles can be released and a new version of you can emerge.  If you desire more love, connection and spiritual wisdom, the LCA is waiting to serve and transform you."

– Scott K.

"The greatest miracle is how much people notice when you are on the front side of the energy circle. It is the baby steps that make the bigger miracles come forth."

— Tim E.

"I figured out that taking accountability for my own actions does not take any of my power away, it actually gives me the power to decide to live life at cause rather than effect."

— Emily S.

"My greatest miracle is the peace of knowing that I am on the path I’m supposed to be on and that that’s ok. The journey is the destination and I am grateful for my journey."

— Charles D.

"Three years ago I was assaulted and almost murdered in my driveway. This experience left me in a state of fear, guilt and resentment. I had worn a fake smile for so long, the isolation and lack of love in my life had deadened my soul.


Then Randy walked me through an exercise which gave me my biggest miracle, the ability to see my assailant as a Child of God who had been hurt so deeply that his suffering lead to him to take such violent and drastic actions to harm me.


I can trust humankind again knowing that God wants us to forgive one another and love unconditionally and that we are all precious, sacred Children of God .Thank you LCA, you truly saved a life."

— Cindi G.

"I had this weight that I was living with that I honestly had no idea was sucking up my whole life. Even when I was at my happiest there was still this fear, anger, resentment and hatred. These last seven weeks has been like an awakening. I feel like I am finally alive and most of all I have a relationship with myself!"


– Brittany H.

"I learned that not being attached to the job I interviewed for allowed me to be able to look at other possibilities. I am ready and full of enthusiasm for the next step. Thank you Randy!"

— Betsy D.

"I can snap out of a funk or a negative situation much more quickly now that I have the tools from the LCA.I can also bring others out of negativity too!  Co-workers and friends have noticed a marked difference in my approach and reaction to challenges that come up.  I am a better friend, co-worker, and partner because I know how to listen better and ask forward focused questions!"

— Tara G.

"I am finding the courage to step into a new chapter of my life, free from an abusive relationship, old addictive patterns, and fully aware of what my core issues are. This course has challenged me every day but has also acted as a compass that provided me clear direction.  It helped ground me while my life was turned upside down and I am reconnecting with the essence of who I am."


– Ty F.

"I have fallen in love with so many people in this group.  They are my tribe  !I am grateful to have learned that asking for help not only helps me but it helps everyone. We are here to learn to experience love in all its many disguises!"

— Cheri J.

"I am operating on a higher energetic level and attracting more of what I want. Clarity, presence, and gratitude is my default state.  I have made huge strides since my first LCA and I am so grateful."

— Jasmine P.

"My core issue has been the fear of fitting in. This LCA I got to the root of my fear. This has allowed me to be more playful and now I wake up in the morning without the anxiety, fear and anger that has plagued me for years."

– Jim R.

"I never thought my self-esteem had been shielded with so many layers. Each class I peeled back layer after layer.  This truly is a journey and not a trip.  Thank you Spirit!"

— Michael S.

"My biggest success has been leaving a job that has torn me apart for several years.  I now have the courage and confidence to move on to other opportunities that will bring me joy."

— Amy S.

"My favorite success is gaining acceptance of my mother’s “place in life” and just loving her for who she is.  I have released judgement of her and my need to want her to change."

— Lisa M.

"I joined the LCA to become comfortable with the “Me” I am now as a widow. I lost my soulmate.  When a friend of mine directed me towards the LCA, I figured I had nothing to lose.  Now, not only am I moving forward but I have a dream that I can embrace."


– Joette V.

"Through this work, I am practicing self-love by taking excellent care of my body, mind and spirit.  I am having continued weight loss and staying on track with my goals.  My journey up the wisdom curve is offering more peace, serenity, confidence, trust, grace, and balance.  It is profoundly beautiful."


– Julie P.

"My greatest miracle experienced through the LCA is the opening of my heart.  I never realized how guarded I was before and now that I am experiencing it, life itself is one big miracle."


– Ryan P.

"Just feeling better all the way around!  The ability to identify core issues has definitely helped me in my relationships.  Communicating with myself as my best friend is a very powerful exercise.  Thank you Randy for all the love you give and may your book “The Opening” be treasured around the world!"


– Jutta D.

"Giving up my caregiver resentment is my LCA miracle.   I stopped complaining because complaining anchors resentment.  I have learned to approach my interpersonal relationships with unconditional acceptance and deep appreciation."


– Judy C.

"I came into the LCA Project with an open mind.  I had accomplished a lot in my lifetime and I thought I had served well but I discovered that what I was missing was inner peace.


I soon discovered over the weekend that how I processed things got me through each day but didn’t solve anything.  I have been given the tools to help resolve my issues and I practiced them through the seven week course.


I still have core issues that come up but when they do the practice of R&R breathing or self-empowerment helps me to identify and confront them with a level head or deal with them later."


– Gregory B.

"I feel like I went away to camp and came back renewed. I have learned that negativity eats away at your insides, I no longer carry those feelings around for days. Now my adult children look at me a different way and they listen to me too!"


– Aleta P.

"I discovered I want to go back into teaching young children through art to embrace their authentic self.  I am so excited about this breakthrough and ready to get started."


– Beth H.

"My most meaningful miracle is realizing that I did not cause my husband’s alcoholism. I am leaning to detach from his alcoholism with love.  I know that I have a long journey ahead of me but I have taken the first step through LCA."


– Dagmar H.

"With each day of challenging myself and writing down successes and miracles I am able to create my life – more fulfilling from the inside out."


– Andrea B.

"My greatest miracle during this time is that I have learned to have compassion for myself. I have traveled a long distance in my spirit to get to this classroom."


– Kristi J.

"The greatest breakthrough for me has been really opening up to the Spirit of God.  Really digging into the tools and using much of what Randy teaches in his book has been a big part of that.  It is exciting and thrilling when I have that deepened experience with God and His Spirit!"


– Carol M.

"Focusing on God’s plan results in a better life all around.  For a long time, He has been telling me to surrender.  It is just so much easier to get there through the LCA!  I love this program and love these tools!"


– Debe T.

"My greatest LCA miraculous breakthrough was coming clean with my core issues and facing them head-on.  I was able to transform my core issues into characteristics of my personality that I was proud of. I am so grateful to realize that I could contrast what triggered me with its opposite and affirm that to be true."


– Carina T.

"I am mentoring a group of 9 year olds and it is an exercise in harnessing their energy in a positive way.  Setting boundaries are absolutely necessary for anything positive to happen and I learned those skills in the LCA."


– David S.

"Before this experience, I had a horrible hatred towards my youngest brother and I didn’t think I could ever forgive him or talk to him again.  A major breakthrough in the LCA caused me to forgive him and tell him so.  I was able to release some of the heavy baggage that I was carrying and that allowed me to start forward on a new path of goodness and love of myself! Awesome!"


– Doug G.

"My biggest success was shedding my self-doubt.  We cannot love and serve others until we completely love and serve our own souls and I love how this course brings us the right mix of awareness, acceptance, action and love."


– Suzanne L.

"LCA gave me the chance to reflect on myself and forgive past issues while moving ahead. I feel more centered after the seven weeks with defined goals and direction."


– Craig B.

"I broke several chains of fear!  I applied for a new position at work, rode downtown by myself to attend my first college orientation, and created my own business.  I am loving myself, setting boundaries and believing that I am unstoppable."


– Sophie K.

"Once I faced my fears and let the hurt and resentment go, everything else in my life turned around.  I found a permanent job and got a cheaper apartment!  The LCA has changed my way of thinking about things."


– Glenda S.

"Everything in my life has become brighter, better and more loving.  I feel very connected with myself and others.  Living at cause is awesome!"


– Adwana S.

"My most important breakthrough was when I allowed my inner child to play.  I was expected to be very responsible from a young age.  I didn’t know how to be silly and carefree.  In the process of trying to listen to my inner child I had a spur of the moment, moment.


I was taking a shower and I had an incredible urge that I needed to make a snow angel and I needed to do it now.  I cut my shower short, got dressed, threw my wet hair in a hat and put on my boots, not even bothering with a coat.


I walked out the door and into the snow.  Laying down carefully I proceeded to make a snow angel.  My daughter in law and grandson watched from the door and laughed as I tracked snow into the house."


– Tammy E.

"My LCA experience has been life changing. The love and acceptance given by wonderful people have been a big part of my success. Now I understand the difference between walls and boundaries.  I'm doing better with self care and self love.  I can say no when I need to without feeling bad.  Also, I'm able to process upset and move on much quicker and in a healthy way."


– Shannon S.

"Finally feeling like I can see some resolution concerning my marriage.  Having released my attachment to things turning out a certain way is life-giving.  Really forgiving has been a challenge, but I believe I have forgiven, and I will continue to forgive."


– Brian A.

"I found that I could remain grounded and even positive, in the midst of chaos by focusing on myself and my choices and not the chaos and circumstance.  I can get so much more accomplished when I am focusing on the result instead of the problem."


– Shaunna M.

"I have discovered that being right is significantly less important than being happy in my relationship with my husband. Without compromising what is important to me, I now have the tools to step back and look at all sides of a discussion or misunderstanding.  My changes create the love and laughter I am looking for from my husband and he sees that and reciprocates."


– Lori B.

"I was honored to serve as a Champion Team Leader Apprentice and that alone was one of the successes that I am so grateful for.  The LCA provides such an easy way to be of service to others by offering the opportunity to step into a role that you immediately become a servant of the Lord.  This experience has provided me a chance to love unconditionally."


– Renee T.

"This is my third LCA in a row and I have had a chance to build and progress in a way I did not expect.  I now understand other people better and that they will be them.  How simple these ideas and concepts are and how powerful.  We can’t see through our old eyes anymore.  Love is everywhere.  Look for it."      

– Brad B.

"My biggest success this LCA is learning to accept my feelings and emotions.  To be willing to go through and feel them rather than trying to heal them.  I realized the healing happens by moving forward with the pain and emotions."


– Linda M.

"I have discovered through this LCA journey that I can and will be human.  That I can honor myself for doing the best I am able to at any particular time.  I am free of all of the judgement, guilt and shame of my past and I embrace all of the ups and downs of my life’s journey."


– Kirk S.

"My parents were married for sixty-three years and had this wonderful, storybook marriage.  I realized through the LCA that I was putting a lot of stress on my wife and myself trying to make our relationship like my parent's. I realized that we grew up in a different time and society has changed.  We need to lead our own life and find our own path."


– David W.

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