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How to Become an
LCA Champion Team Leader

Bible discussion group

Our Champion Team Leaders are at the very core of the LCA program.  These are the leaders who show the way to creating higher consciousness living.  They have hearts of service and model a willingness to continue their own expansion, while supporting others along their journey.  

Their primary job is to unconditionally love their team members as they use powerful new skills to bring out the best in others.  They are heart-centered leaders dedicated to making a difference on the planet.

Completing the LCA Weekend and 8 Week Course is a requirement for application.  Once accepted, you will:


—  Complete an extraordinary one-day leadership training learning powerful new leadership skills. 


Then you will complete an entire LCA program, apprenticing with a certified Champion Team Leader.  Here's where you get your practical experience.


Finally, you will participate in the following LCA program as a certified Champion Team Leader.  There is no cost for this program.

If you are ready to significantly expand your ability to contribute even more to others, just click the button below to access the application.

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