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Upcoming LCA Events
~ For 2023 ~


The First and Third Wednesday
of Each Month

Free Live Seminars!

Rocky Mountain Miracle Center
1939 S Monroe St
Denver, CO

Or Join us online at 
6:30pm - 9pm


Wednesday October 18

'How to Create the Experience of Love...
Like Turning on a Light Switch'

Click the button below to RSVP and to let us know
which events 
you will attend and number of guests. 
You are absolutely 
welcome to all events.
We can't wait to see you!


The LCA Weekend Retreat

5- Week Course

LCA Weekend Retreat    Fri Jan 26    7pm - 10pm
                                     Sat Jan 27   9am - 9pm
                                     Sun Jan 28  2pm - 6pm

          LCA 5-Week Course         
Fridays   6:30pm - 9pm
  Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23
, Mar 8, Mar 15 


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