The Love, Courage and Achievement Project

Teaching People Who Want to Make a Difference 

How to Bring Out The Best in Others

You Know This To Be True

The Love, Courage and Achievement Project (LCA) is an organization dedicated

to bringing forward the awesome light

and Unlimited potential that lives in us all  


and we have discovered a

remarkably effective way of doing so! 

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Holding Hands
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We're Back with Exciting News!

The next generation of the

Love Courage and Achievement Project

is here! 


The time has come to create an army 

of phenomenal teachers 

united in their commitment 

to elevate wisdom and caring 

on the planet.

This is our time to give the gift

we came here to give.

Have you ever wanted to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others,

but felt you needed better skills?

Coming in September...

Randy Ferguson's 5-Part Life-Altering Webinar...

'Weapons of Kindness'

How to make the difference in people's lives you've always wanted to make 

at a time when you're needed most

Would you like to deepen

your spiritual connection?


Here is Randy Ferguson's Profoundly powerful book The Opening — Embracing Your Spiritual Destiny

to learn more about

 this best selling book...


Randy Ferguson

And the LCA

Randy Ferguson has received international acclaim as a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, author and life coach. He is considered one of the most intuitive and effective instructors of life coaches available.

As an international corporate trainer, Randy has facilitated culture-building leadership training's in Mexico, Thailand, Germany, Spain and extensively throughout the U.S.  Just a few of his clients include Ford, Gerber, Mazda, Novartis, Caraustar, YMCA and Habitat for Humanity. He has also facilitated programs for multiple municipalities and branches of the US Government.


In his professional career spanning over 30 years, he has led over 1,000 seminars on culture-building leadership and personal development.  Additionally, he has provided one-on-one life coaching for over 2000 individuals.  His business degree from Arizona State University and Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, offer an educational background that is both practical and visionary.  In 1985 he founded the Love, Courage and Achievement Project (LCA).


The primary focus of the LCA is to support humanity in living in 'the Light' — in living effective, joyful, peaceful, creative, prosperous, fulfilling, love-centered,  spiritual lives.  Our primary method of manifesting this vision is to support individuals who yearn to make a difference — specifically, by teaching them how to become phenomenal 'Light Coaches' who master the art of bringing out the best in others.  


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