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Becoming an LCA

There is a magnificence within you,

a joy a light, a passion to

make a difference.


Are You Ready to Rise Above...

Procrastination, stress, overwhelm, self-judgment, resentment, guilt, anxiety, fear and shame?


In the LCA Weekend and 8 Week Course You will...

 Identify and heal the core issues that have been holding you back!


✓ Discover specific solutions tailored to your life!

✓ Meet awesome new friends who, Like you, are committed to making a difference regain the joy, hope, enthusiasm and results you have been longing for!


This is our promise — and these results are guaranteed.


Just Imagine

What could you accomplish

 in your life, if you had 10x your current level of:

Self confidence •

Attitude mastery •

Personal energy and motivation •

Relationship skills •

Clear life direction •

Community support •

Authentic spiritual connection •


Meet our LCA Graduates

Ending Conflict in Relationships

Self Motivation Mastery

What Happens In the LCA Weekend and 8 Week Course?

Transform the quality of your life from the comfort of your own home via webinar!

I am hopeful and more confident that I can create the life I want.  I now moving forward to earn my MA degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling — the fulfillment of a lifelong dream!

– Cybele A.

My intention was to lead a spirit-led life.  Over the last 9 weeks I have let go and trusted God to manage my life. My life has never worked more effortlessly and beautifully.


– Dave A.

People I've known for 30 years now say they are proud of me. What I have shared with others spreads to coworkers, friends and family.


– Sebastian H.

I released the pain and resentment I had for my former spouse. We completed an amicable divorce, paving a path of cooperation and communication as friends.  We have committed to raise our children in a loving and supportive way.  Thank you, Randy, for the tools that will allow me to live the life I've always wanted.


– Kevin K.

Oh the wonder of the LCA…I FOUND ME!

– Cheryl J.

When I release fear, I have a greater appreciation of life and can achieve more.  I have learned to love myself in a more authentic way.


– Savanah L.

I quit smoking after 45 years.  People came in grayscale and left in technicolor!


– Ed P.

I can now work through any obstacles or challenges.


– Anaya B.

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