Miracles, Successes

and Breakthroughs

From Our

LCA Graduates









“The '12 Steps for Fulfilling Relationships' was most profound.  I was able to heal wounds from my deceased father.  My new LCA name is ‘The Beast’ for coming out of my shell.”  — Roger A

My greatest miracle and success has been releasing my self-doubt.  I trust that I am exactly where I need to be.   I let go of what doesn’t serve and isn’t true.”  — Michelle I

"I reconnected after 15 years of separation from my son!  LCA made it possible for me to change in a healthy way so we could reunite.  Nothing beats this in my life!"  — Michael S

"Being perfectly human is easier than trying to be perfect.  To surrender to 'what is' for me now, is my greatest breakthrough."  — Lawrence K

"I released a very painful relationship and started school.  — Brigitte A

"Realizing one of my core issues (that I don't measure up) and comparing myself to others is something I've struggled with.  Still have some work to do, but I've made huge strides with this!"  — Kaeli L

"I realize how much differently I am responding (not reacting) to life.  Things don't bother me like they used to because I have significantly upped my self respect game.  It sort of snuck up on me but whammo!  There it is!"  — Sahari M

"I'm grateful to access healing tears to embrace and move past my frustration.  I was able to show compassion and see a fellow LCA Champion Team Leader through eyes of grace and connect over a similar background.  I set boundaries with my parents while appreciating them."  — Naomi A

"I realized that my core issues have directed my life and perception.  I had many realizations during the LCA, one being that I am a strong, courageous, independent woman — and I don't have to prove that to anyone.  Also, I have created positive daily habits which have made my life much more enjoyable." 

— Janet H