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   How to Become an LCA Member

Most of our LCA Members are graduates of the LCA Weekend and 8 Week Course.  But there is a difference between being an LCA Graduate and being an LCA Member.  LCA Members are people who want to support the LCA financially in sharing these tools and concepts in the world.

As an LCA Member, you also enjoy some special benefits:

— You can participate in the monthly LCA Webinars for free.  We meet via live webinar (the first Thursday evening of each month) and explore the LCA tools as they relate to current times.  This is a great opportunity to meet with friends, review the tools, have some fun and save the $30 webinar fee!

— You have 24/7 access to special videos that take you step by step through the LCA Tools on both your laptop and smart phone!

— You are gifted with
 coupons to offer a friend or family member a free      1-hour private coaching with Randy!

— You receive a 10% reduction in one-on-one coaching fees!

— And even more, as time goes on.  

There is a monthly fee is 26.00 to be an LCA Member.  This is charged to your credit card each can cancel at any time by just emailing Randy. 

We warmly invite you to apply for membership.  Simply call Randy at
303-947-9948 or email and we'll get you on the list!


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