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Calling All LCA'ers!
Past and Present
For Our Kic

LCA Potluck Reunion!
Saturday September 9       6pm to 9pm

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                Watch this Video!


Click Here
to Email Your RSVP to Randy and share what you want to bring  and if any guests are coming.  
Here are some ideas for goodies to bring:  Waters, juices, soft drinks, ice,
          wine beer, casseroles salads, fruit'/veggie plates, chips, desserts,
hot veggies. Plates, cups, napkins se
asonings and flatware provided.

Saturday September 9       6pm to 9pm

Rocky Mountain Miracle Center
1939 S Monroe St  Denver, CO  80210

LCA Grads, please come with an LCA Memory or
that has meaning to you! 

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