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Achievement Project


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Since 1986, the Love, Courage and Achievement Project (LCA) has been transforming lives - Bringing forward that awesome higher potential that lives in us all. 

We accomplish this through, highly-effective, low cost, experiential webinars and a phenomenal support system.

What Our Graduates

Are Saying

"My greatest breakthrough was obtaining freedom from toxic behaviors I had struggled with for years.  Now, I feel at peace and have cultivated a deep self-love and acceptance.  I have also lost 20 pounds during this journey to optimum health.  Thank you LCA!  The inner work is truly reflecting on the outside too!"


– Katie P.

“The '12 Steps for Fulfilling Relationships' was most profound.  I was able to heal wounds from my deceased father.  My new LCA name is ‘The Beast’ for coming out of my shell.”

— Roger A.

"My greatest miracle and success has been releasing my self-doubt.  I trust that I am exactly where I need to be.   I let go of what doesn’t serve and isn’t true.” 


— Michelle I.

"I reconnected after 15 years of separation from my son!  LCA made it possible for me to change in a healthy way so we could reunite.  Nothing beats this in my life!"


— Michael S.

"My greatest success is that I have more control over my temper.  I am thinking before I speak.  I am grateful for all of the good in my life!  I have more blessings than I thought!"


– Leona S.