Breakthrough Session

Before anyone registers for the LCA Weekend and 7 Week Course - they participate in

confidential, 90 minute Breakthrough Session with a certified LCA Consultant. 

This meeting is in itself quite life-altering. People discover specific insights and solutions

unique to their life situations and leave with a sense of hope!

 Rarely in life do people have the opportunity to stand back and examine their own

amazing potential with someone qualified to support them in substantive change.

In your Breakthrough Session, you are asked  to consider two simple but profound questions about your life:

1)  What are the 'Unworkabilities' in your life?  An unworkability is any area of your life that is not working as well as you would like.  It could be an internal Unworkability such as fear, guilt, resentment, stress, procrastination, anger, hurt from the past or self judgment.  Or it could be an external Unworkability such as a difficult relationship, health/weight issues, finances, career, family challenges or living environment.  

2)  What are the Dreams of Your Heart? These are the experiences and possessions that if truly manifest would mean the world to you.

In this process you will discover possibilities that can dramatically change your life for the better. In addition you will discover the mechanics of repeating negative patterns. You will leave with specific solutions you've never seen before! 

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