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About Your

LCA Membership

What Happens When You Become an LCA Member?

Your LCA Monthly Membership is an essential part of your Weekend and 8 Week experience — a requirement to participate in the course.  Here’s why. 

Created from our graduates’ ideas, your membership provides vital support so you can continue to take your life from good to great — during the course and for years to come.  


As an LCA Member, you have 24/7 access on both your desktop and mobile devices to an array of ongoing support that includes: 

Cloudy Mountain

  • Step by step videos.  Randy will walk you through each of the LCA breakthrough tools.  This can come in handy when you need support in a hurry.  Just grab your laptop or mobile device and the tool you need is right there in your hand


  • A ½ hour private coaching session with Randy in the latter part of your 8 Week Course.  Here, we help clarify your unique best strategy to move forward in your life as the webinars conclude

  • No tuition to review.  Participants say over and over again that they receive even more value reviewing the course, than they got the first time through.  So, if you want to continue growing in a highly supportive environment of accountability, your tuition for the Weekend & 8 Week Course is totally waived

  • Gift certificates that permit friends or family members to participate in the LCA Weekend and 8 Week Course — at no charge

  • On line access to your workbook for the Weekend and 8 Week Course (which we ask you to print out before we begin)

  • Being invited to join our private LCA Facebook Page where you can chat with graduates on real issues and current successes

  • Reduction in private coaching fees with Randy.  If at some point, you want to schedule private sessions with Randy, you will receive a 10% reduction in coaching fees (a savings of $25.00 per session). Just click the Private Coaching with Randy button below to learn more

On its Way…Coming later in 2021

We have some very special, life altering events lined up for 2021.  And door fees are completely waived for LCA Members.

Randy will be leading a webinar called ‘How to Live in the Light.’  It’s an interactive webinar, based on his book, The Opening — Embracing Your Spiritual Destiny.


This webinar is for anyone wanting an authentic, loving relationship with our Higher Power.  Get ready to have your soul touched in this one! 


Click the button below if you want to read the book in advance.

Family Portrait
Cloudy Mountain

And EVEN MORE coming in your

LCA Membership in 2021

  • ‘First Aid Kit for Relationships’  Members will also get free admission for a weekend event called ‘First Aid Kit for Relationships’ — another interactive webinar for  people who find themselves in a challenging relationship, or who simply want an extraordinary partnership.  You’ll discover how to resolve issues and restore the experience of loving — using tools and concepts most people have never been taught

  • Directory of Services.  Do you have a service or product you want to make available to participants?  We’ll have a Directory of Services offered by LCA Members.  No charge for your posting

  • 365 inspiring ‘Living in the Light’ reminders — daily emails that encourage your peaceful, prosperous, playful progress

  • Access to all of our past Forward Focused Friday articles and their videos

  • Live, in-person, fun events that make a difference.  Whenever LCA grads get together, fun happens!  So when it’s safe to meet in person again, we’ll have LCA gatherings for community service projects in the Denver area.

Paying it Forward For Others



For many people, this is the most significant benefit of your monthly membership.  The membership fee you choose to pay each month, provides the ongoing funding that is so essential in making this work available to others — so in a very real way, you’re ‘paying it forward’ for those who follow you.


To be a member, we request a minimum monthly contribution of $26.  (about 85 cents/day).  And of course, you can cancel your membership at any time after you complete the Weekend and 8 Week Course.

If you haven’t already, please click below to register for LCA Weekend, 8 Week Course — and to register for your LCA Membership.

“When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible.” — Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO

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